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Trigger Point Massage

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When a Headache is Not Just a Headache

When a Headache is Not Just a Headache

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In most cases, headaches are minor nuisances that resolve within a short time. However, a headache can on rare occasions be the warning sign of a potentially serious disorder that requires immediate medical attention.

Potentially serious disorders that can produce headache pain include brain tumors, stroke (particularly stroke related to brain hemorrhage or an arterial tear in the neck) and inflammation of the temporal arteries. There are often subtle signs that accompany headaches associated with these conditions that can help people recognize that something more serious is causing their pain.

The American Chiropractic Association suggests people be aware of the signs that a headache is more than just a headache. If you experience any of the following symptoms with your headache, seek immediate medical attention:

— The sudden onset of severe headache that is more intense than any headache you have ever had in the past — Headache that is accompanied by blurred vision, double vision, trouble swallowing or speaking, or severe dizziness — Headache that is accompanied by numbness, tingling, weakness or clumsiness in the arms or legs — Headache that is worsened with lying down — In older adults, headache in the temple area that is accompanied by a feeling of pulsations in that area — Headache that is accompanied by confusion, disorientation or loss of consciousness — Headache that is accompanied by fever — Headache that is accompanied by a severe stiff neck — Headache that is accompanied by persistent or unexplained vomiting — Severe headache in someone over age 50 who does not normally suffer from headaches

“Many people find relief from their headache pain through natural, drug-free chiropractic care and massage therapy,” says Dr. Richard A. Schwartz of Horsham, Pa, a doctor of chiropractic with postgraduate training in neurology. “But in cases where a more serious condition is the root of the pain, it’s vital to identify the warning signs early and to seek immediate medical attention.”

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Does Good Posture Really Matter

By: Richard Schwartz D.C.

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The body withstands thousands of irritations everyday, but we have the choice on how they interfere with our daily function. Doctors of Chiropractic emphasize the importance of proper posture, which allows for optimum function. Probably most of you are thinking optimum function is being able to perform your daily activities without severe pain, while working daily with mild to moderate stiffness and soreness. What most people don’t consider is that this everyday stiffness and soreness is the beginning of severe pain. If we can identify the destructive habits early we can prevent many of the physical complaints that could occur in your later years.

    What most people don’t consider is that these issues should be addressed everyday and not just when their back hurts. Every morning we hit the floor on a dead run, lifting kids, briefcases, or extremely heavy purses, while our bodies are not ready to accept these lifting requirements. Believe me ladies I have weighed some of these purses and they can weigh anywhere from 5 to 12 pounds. So why don’t we stretch before the day begins, it usually boils down to time management and getting that extra 10 minutes of sleep. Don’t think I’m any different; My wife has to push me out of the bed. The only solution is adequate planning of your day, which would allow you the extra time in the morning to perform a stretching or warm-up routine.

    For those in an office setting, you need to counteract the repetitive stresses and strains by taking a break every few minutes by alternating your tasks. Example, if your job duties consist of computer and telephone work, as with Leslie our front desk manager, you need to perform a series of neck exercises every 2 hours. We also work as a team in the office to identify poor posture, every staff member will act as the posture police and say quit slumping. Many times if you get your entire office to act as detectives, looking for poor posture, it will become a habit and your posture will begin to improve.

    The men and women in manual labor occupations put different stresses on the body than the above-mentioned office setting. These people have problems that are increased by the “tough guy” attitude, for example, when a cattle farmer tries to carry all the feed in 1 trip instead of making 2 or 3. The same attitude can result in problems when the laborer won’t ask for help when lifting heavy objects. To get off to the right start, these people should start and end the day with the proper stretching routine, like the ones we used to do before sporting events. I feel this is a difficult group to convince because they believe their work gets them into shape. This misconception is established because the worker believes they are working out when they perform heavy manual labor. I will tell you that you are not working out you are repetitively stressing your body.

    Correct posture is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, adequate sleep, plenty of water, and having a nutritious diet not only keep you healthy but give you the ability to heal after an injury.

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Car Accident and Work Injury Chiropractic Treatment For Montgomery County

Car Accident and Work Injury Chiropractic Treatment For Montgomery County

Specializing in physical rehabilitation, we are committed to helping our patients restore their normal lives after a car accident or work-related injury. Using the latest knowledge and technology in chiropractic care, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating your condition.

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident or work-related injury, it often isn’t until days – or even weeks – later those physical problems arise, stemming from the accident.

When your livelihood, and more importantly, your health are at risk, you want to be sure your care is entrusted to experienced and qualified medical professionals. At Burch Chiropractic Center, we specialize in and frequently treat a wide variety of chiropractic conditions, including:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Insomnia
  • Located at 701 Limekiln Pike, Ambler, Pa

Your health should be your top priority after a car accident or work-related injury. To schedule a free exam, call or contact us online today!